Choosing old table tennis paddle to save money

Advice on choosing old table tennis paddle to save for newbies

In addition to using the excellent ping pong technique, players need to choose quality table tennis rackets.

Besides table tennis, rubbers are also a deciding factor.

Many people choose to buy old table tennis rubber instead of buying new ping pong rubber.

Do you know where to choose the old table tennis paddle? Where is the best quality old table tennis rubber? What are the reputable sports websites to find out information before deciding to buy used rackets? Join us to find out here.

Why should you choose to buy an old table tennis paddle for new players?

How to buy the best old table tennis racket is something that people care about.

Besides buying old table tennis rubber is also an essential factor.

The old table tennis racket price is lower than the new one.

The new types of table tennis rackets are quite expensive.

So not everyone has the ability to own a new paddle.

Giving other options to ensure your budget is the way people use it.

At that time, players both save some money and satisfy their own needs.

When you choose to buy old table tennis rackets, you must pay attention to the rubber’s quality.

Over time, the quality will decrease.

To buy a good table tennis racket is not easy.

Choosing a place to buy table tennis rackets is also a concern.

Some players choose to buy old table tennis rubber such as Yasaka, Butterfly, Donic, 729, Yasaka Mark V, Xiom, Chinese table tennis rubber etc.

These are the most reputable and the best table tennis rubber brands players choose from.

Yasaka table tennis

Yasaka is a company specializing in manufacturing table tennis.

Yasaka table tennis rubber has many types such as Zarka, Mark V, Extend HS, Pryde.

There are Yasaka rubber made in Germany or Japan.

Besides, the company also produces table tennis paddles.

Yasaka table tennis racquets are made in Japan, Sweden, China.

Origin Yaska is built where there is a record of origin on the handle and the racket.

The price varies depending on the place of manufacture.

Butterfly table tennis

Butterfly is the leading table tennis brand for many years.

Butterfly racquet players and users abound in the world.

Butterfly has a wide range of table tennis rackets, clothes, and ping pong rubbers.

Butterfly table tennis racquets are available in pre-made and blade-only types.

Professional athletes often choose the type that is not glued.

Table tennis rackets, as well as table tennis rubbers, are cheap and high quality.

Donic table tennis

Donic is a table tennis product that originated in Germany.

Product specializing in attacking German athletes.

Donic’s famous products include ping pong rackets, ping pong rubbers, ping pong balls and so on.

With various items, Donic is a mid-range brand with outstanding quality.

A lot of Asia people use Donic products.

Famous Donic products in our country, such as Donic Acuda table tennis rubber, with lines such as Acuda S1, S2, S3.

Xiom table tennis

Xiom is a famous Korean brand. Xiom produces table tennis rackets, ping pong racquets, and blades.

Xiom products are quite durable, reasonably priced.

Xiom racquet surface durability is quite high.

It uses quite well with many blades.

Xiom table tennis blades are many types.

With famous names are Xiom zetro Quad, Xiom Axelo, Xiom vega pro. They are all the best table tennis blades in their class.

Notes when choosing to buy rackets for new players

For those new to table tennis, choosing a ping pong racquet is not easy.

Especially the old table tennis racket used.

There are 2 basic options for beginners to choose from:

You can either buy an premade racket or buy a paddle and a rubber separately.

  • Pre-made racquets are suitable for those new to table tennis for fun, not for professional athletes.
  • The custom paddles are suitable for regular table tennis players and wants to improve their skills.

Beginner table tennis racquets usually have a heavyweight, low speed for better ball control.

Suitable for beginners familiar with table tennis techniques.

Besides, beginners should choose table tennis racquets with wide surfaces.

The wide rubber ball increases ball contact, making it easier for beginners to play.

In addition, you should also choose a table tennis racket handle that suits your preference.

Another note that beginners should choose a racquet with a flat and straight rubber.

The rubber sticker must be tight and beautiful.

Recently, we share about the old table tennis rubbers. Prestigious firms let newcomers choose for themselves a good racquet.

And of course, if you have bought quality racquets, you need to invest in a good ping pong paddle holder to preserve it, avoid falling, breaking.

I hope the above information helps those who need to buy old table tennis rubber.

Assisting the newcomers to this sport saves money.

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